Different ways to display your stained glass. Navy blue text in sky blue box. Image below shows stained glass july birthstone angel in heart shaped stand.

Alternative Ways to Display Your Stained Glass Ornaments

As you may know, all of my stained glass ornaments come with a complimentary suction hook, meaning you can put them straight up in the window and enjoy the light shining through them from the moment you open the box. This is my absolute favourite way to display my own stained glass ornaments, but there are some other rather nice options that might appeal to you too!

Here is my top list of places to display your stained glass ornaments!

Using your Suction Hook

As well as working fabulously on your window, your complimentary suction hook can be used in different places around the home too! 


This is a really lovely way to display your ornament in a place that will lift your spirits every day!

A clear irridescent angel hanging from my mirror by a suction hook. Me (Jenny) in the background taking a photo with my phone
I keep an angel on my mirror so that in the morning when I'm getting ready I have something pretty to make me smile :)

Ceramic Tiles or Marble/ Polished Stone

You can decorate your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in your home that has lovely, flat tiles using your suction hook.

Special Note- this won’t work on matte or textured tile 😒

Red Stained Glass Heart Hanging from Marble Fire Surround Using a Window Suction Hook. Wooden Giraffe Ornament Looking on in Admiration

Here's a heart hanging from my marble fire surround as an example for you, alas, it can't stay there because my cats would have it down within seconds! All ornaments and decorations in my household have to be OOROC (Out Of Reach Of Cats)!

Adding Extra Flourish To Your Current Decor

Photo Frame

Perhaps your ornament was bought for you by someone special, or maybe it reminds you of a loved one. Why not pop a command hook onto the back of a frame containing a picture of that lovely person, so that the ornament can hang down on the front of the frame?

Alternatively, you can put your ornament inside of a box frame, to offer it additional protection from little fingers, or you can simply lean a special ornament against a special photo.

Yellow Stained Glass Flower Displayed in Small White Box Frame on Window Sill With Trees in Background

Here's an example of a stained glass ornament placed into a box frame. This is a really impactful way of displaying your stained glass and means you can have it up on the wall or on a shelf/ window sill.

Red Stained Glass Heart Leaning Against Photo Frame. Frame is House Shaped and Contains a Photo of my Jack Russell Terrier, Phil. Phil is sleeping with a teddy in his mouth. Frame is on windowsill with trees and a mill in the background.

Here's a little love heart I placed with my baby boy Phil, who lives with his Grandma because otherwise he'd eat the cats! He's very cute and deserves a love heart of his very own.


Shelves can be the perfect display space for your ornaments, simply use a picture nail or command hook to secure your ornament then watch it sparkle. I’ve also hung ornaments from fireplaces (not near to any flames!) and picture rails too!

Iridescent Amber Coloured Butterfly Ornament, hanging from light wooden fireplace with a small cup hook.

Here's one of my butterflies hanging from my fireplace on a handy cup hook. 


House Plants

If you’re better than me at keeping your house plants alive, then you might have some glorious green friends dotted about the place. Why not see if they look even better with a little jewellery?

trailing succulent plant with a crystal and stained glass suncatcher hanging from the leaves.
This glamourous darling is Magrat, she is one of only a handful of plants that have survived my terrible stewardship! Magrat likes to be adorned with various sparkly accents throughout the year.

Decorative Trees

It used to be that we only saw decorated trees at Christmas Time, but I’m loving the trend towards trees that are up all year round with the decorations changing seasonally! Your glass ornaments will look fantastic on a tree, especially if it has lights on!

 Simple stained glass christmas tree hanging from the branch of a real christmas tree with multicoloured fairy lights shining through the glass

Here is one of my earliest Christmas Tree designs adorning my Dad's Christmas Tree and looking super glam with the fairy lights shining through.


Display Products You Can Purchase

Hanging Stands

These stands can be purchased from various places, and enable you to display your ornament on any secure, flat surface.

Stained glass july birthstone angel hanging from heart shaped display stand. there is a lit salt lamp and candle beside the stand and a fairy light net hanging down behind them onto the window sill
Here's my Birthstone Angel chillin' on my office window sill along with some other treasures.


Mini Easel

These gorgeous little easels are another idea for displaying your ornament, depending on the shape/ size of ornament you want to display, a mini easel could be the ideal solution.

Mini easel with matching canvas, product photo from The Works
This sweet easel and canvas set is available from The Works for just £1! You can easily repurpose the canvas for other things and add your own decoration to the easel. 
Plate Stand
Clear plate stands are another great way to display larger stained glass pieces. 
Stained Glass pet portrait of boots the english pointer. sitting on clear plate stand on windowsill with the sunlight shining through
This is a customer picture of a custom pet portrait I did a while ago. Boots the Pointer is now displayed on a window sill where he catches the sunlight, and is displayed on a clear plate stand!


So what do you think? How do you display your stained glass ornaments?  Have you got some cool display methods that I haven't thought of? Let me know in the comments below x


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