Our Brand Makeover

Our Brand Makeover

Waaaaay back in January, I went away for 4 weeks to India. It was a chance to chill out after a super busy Christmas/ Holiday season, but also an opportunity to think about the business and where I wanted things to go over the next 12 months. 

One of the things I decided whilst I was out there was that I really wanted my business to have a new look, a new feel that represented more of what it was becoming. 

When I started my business in 2016, I called it 'Jenny Anne Brooks Art' and I was simply selling original paintings and prints through Etsy. 

Jenny Anne Brooks Colourful Logo

This is one of my super early logos from my Etsy shop- I'm not quite sure what I was thinking with those colour combinations!

Then, as I developed skills in stained glass making and started my market stall in Altrincham, the business became 'Jenny Anne Brooks Art & Glass'. It was a bit of a mouthful!

My previous Etsy banner


Whilst I was away I tried a ton of new logo ideas, new names and new branding touches, (at one point I was completley set on calling the company 'The Collectarian') and it was only on my return to the UK that I finally settled on GlassHouse Design.

Playing around with logo ideas for Jenny Anne Brooks before I decided on a name change

Jenny Anne Brooks Hexagon Logo

Two of the logo ideas I played with before deciding on the name change.

Now, nearly 6 months on, I love the new business name and all of the new branding and packaging I have been able to design and create. Some things still need tweaking, but overall, I think GlassHouse Design was definitely the right choice to make!


Reverse side of Birthstone Angel's Packaging


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