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February Birthstone Angel- Stained Glass Birthday Gift

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Birthstone Angels are the perfect, meaningful gift for a friend or loved one that can be difficult to buy for or who seems to have everything!

Each angel is created in my studio in rural Yorkshire, using beautiful sheets of handmade glass, which I hand cut to shape, then solder together. The glass for each angel is specially chosen to correspond to that month's birthstone, and each angel comes with a small card, detailing common qualities for a person born on that month.

Each angel measures approx. 9cm x 4.5cm plus the length of the hanging ribbon.

The birthstone for people born in February, so the glass I have chosen is a sweet pinky-purple. The card that will be included with your February Angel will say:

February - Amethyst
People born in February are witty, intelligent and outgoing. They are often very creative and inventive.

In the Angel packaging, I include a free window suction hook, so that the recipient can take the angel out of the box and stick it straight onto the window to catch the sunlight and shine.

These angels make great birth or christening gifts, they are a lovely way to let a friend know that you are thinking of them if they are going through a hard time (a 'just-because' gift) and, of course, they are perfect for birthdays. I often hear that they have been hung in a bedroom window as a guardian angel charm, or placed on a mirror with their card tucked in to the frame, as daily reminder of angelic blessings.

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