Hand Painted Stained Glass Gingerbread Houses
Gingerbread Houses, Stained Glass Christmas Ornament
Stained Glass Christmas Ornament on Tree Stand
Hand Holding Stained Glass Gingerbread House Window Charm
Three Different Stained Glass Gingerbread House Designs
GlassHouse Design

Gingerbread House Christmas Decoration

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Gorgeous, stained glass gingerbread house Christmas ornament, hand decorated and made by myself in Yorkshire, England.

I paint each house by hand, using traditional patterns and decorations as inspiration. Each house is completely different and each has it's own whimsical charm.

Please note that your ornament won't necessarily have the same patterns as the ones pictured, as each one I create is different. If you particularly like the design of one pictured above, include a note with your order and I can create a similar design for you.

Each house comes packaged in it's own gift box wrapped in white tissue paper, which can be reused each year as the ornament is packed safely away.

Choose to purchase 1, 3 or 5 houses at a time, purchasing multiple houses results in a lower individual cost-

1 House = £14.99 per ornament
3 Houses = £11.50  per ornament
5 Houses = £9.99 per ornament

Each house measures 5.5cm wide by 8cm high, excluding the length of the hanging ribbon.

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