Mothers Day 2021 Handmade Gift Guide

The Ultimate Handmade Gift Guide for Mothers Day 2021

Mother's Day in the UK is approaching fast (it's on March 14th FYI) so I thought this week I'd help you out with your shopping by providing 9 gorgeous, handmade gift ideas for that special lady in your life!

1. Some Wise Old Owl Earrings 

Wise Brown Old Earrings

Is your Mum a real HOOT??  Ok, sorry, I just couldn't resist!

As I'm sure you know, here at GlassHouse Design I stock a wide range of adorable earrings featuring different animals. I decided to recommend these wise old owls for Mother's Day because my Mum is always my first port of call when I need advice and wisdom. 

If your Mum is your wise owl too, these earrings could be a great gift this Mother's day.


2. Ceramic Llama Ring Holder from Blu Beau

Ceramic Llama Ring Holder by Blu Beau

As soon as I decided to create a gift guide for Mother's Day, I knew I had to share Liz's work with you. 

Liz is a super talented artist who sells her work as Blu Beau, and creates FLIPPIN GORGEOUS ceramic ornaments, jewellery and trinkets from her garden studio. 

This fabulous llama is one of Liz's animal themed ring holders, and is the perfect gift if your Mum loves her jewellery and loves having somewhere unique to keep it.

Check out more of Liz's work and process on Instagram @lizjanson

3. Stained Glass Paw Print Window Ornament

Yellow Paw Print- Stained Glass Window Ornament
If your Mum loves her Fur Babies almost as much as she loves you (or more!), then one of my stained glass paw prints could be the perfect way to make her smile this Mother's Day. 
Also, FYI, in my house the pets always buy Mother's & Father's Day gifts, and this paw would make a super cute gift from your kitty or doggo to their human mum.
4. Iron Plant Stands from VH Interiors MCR
Iron Plant Pot Stands from VH Interiors MCR
The guys that run VH Interiors MCR have the beeeeeest taste when it comes to sourcing beautiful vintage and handmade homewares to fill their shop, The Hive, in Altrincham, Manchester. 
These iron plant pot stands are perfect if you have a green fingered Mum who loves to nurture her plant friends.
Stephen and Gareth (and Frank) have a You Tube channel where you can check out their beautiful products and displays, or you can follow them on Instagram @vh_interiors
5. Stained Glass Rainbow Flower Ornament
Rainbow Petal Stained Glass Flower Ornament
Earlier I recommeded the gorgeous iron plant pot stands from VH Interiors for green fingered Mums, but maybe your Mum isn't quite so good at keeping her plant babies alive and thriving!
My selection of stained glass flowers are a great gift for Mums who love to look at flowers and plants, but not to look after them!
You can check out the full selection of flowers here.
6. Pet Baked Bean Family- Tin of Beans
Pet Baked Bean Family from Tin of Beans
Emily from Tin of Beans makes the cuuuuuuuuuuuutest pet friends from polymer clay, I love them so much!
This little family of baked beans is available in different combinations so you can make it match your family, and they are just adorable
Alternatively you could get your Mum a family of Peas... in a Pod!

These pet families are the perfect addition to your Mum's desk or dressing table, so that she's reminded of her loving family every day.

Check out more of Emily's work on Instagram @tin_of_beans_

7. Mum's Angel (or Alternatives)

Mum's Angel Stained Glass Gift

My range of guardian angels are always a popular choice during holidays. Each angel comes with a card featuring a loving message to your Mum, as well as a window suction hook so that she can put her angel straight up in the window.

Want to get a gift for a non- traditional Mum this Christmas? Check out these alternatives:

Mum- to- Me Angel

Godmother's Angel

Grandma's Angel


8. Bury Town Centre Print from Christopher Walster

Bury Town Centre Print from Christopher Walster

Christopher Walster is just a really, really nice chap, and a talented one too!

Christopher creates beautiful black and white drawings of various towns, cities and landmarks around the UK and the world, and they are available as prints, cards and, sometimes, magnets or coasters!

I decided to show you his drawing of Bury in this list because it's my hometown! I'm from there! 

Your Mum might be missing holidays to her favourite cities (or her favourite Lancashire Town) and these skyline prints are a great gift to remind her of her travels.  Also, being black and white, they will go with all styles of décor and will look great wherever she decides to display them.

You can check out more of Christopher's work on Instagram @christopherwalster

9. Crystal Rainbow Maker Window Ornament

Crystal Rainbow Makers hanging in the window

During the last 12 months, we've all spent a looooot of time in our homes. One of the things that really brought my joy this past year was seeing the rainbows refracted all over my studio from these crystal rainbow makers. I put them up early in 2020 to take these photos and never took them down!

I make these sweet Rainbow Makers using high quality crystals and hand made glass diamonds and they are just so lovely whenever the sun peeps out.

As with all my products, I can ship these rainbow makers direct to your Mum and you have the option to add gift wrapping and a special message at checkout. 



Let me know which of my 9 top picks for Mum are your favourite in the comments below and make sure to check out my friend's shops at Blu Beau, VH Interiors MCR, Tin of Beans and Christopher Walster.

Have a great Mother's Day friends :)

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