The Official GlassHouse Design Valentines Gift Guide 2022

The GlassHouse Design Valentines Gift Guide 2022

You Guys, I don't want to worry anyone, but did you know it's less than 2 weeks till Valentines Day?

Don't worry though, there's still time to order something nice for your special someone (or, more importantly, for yourself!)

Here's some helpful gift suggestions to give you some shopping inspiration:


Valentines Collection Hearts

Ok, straight out of the gate, I think we all knew I was gonna go here, yes?

I designed these hearts with Valentines Day in mind, and they have that classic motif of a love heart to show your person how lovely they are, plus, with each one being totally unique, you get to tell them they're one of a kind too!

Red Stained Glass Heart Shaped Window Panel  with Label saying 'You're One of a Kind'
Buy the Red Valentines Heart Panel here

Vintage Paperweights

I really like the idea of a valentines gift that goes against the grain, and my vintage paperweight selection is a great way to do this. Each beautiful, handmade piece has it's own story to tell, and you can make it that bit more special by including a *top secret* note to your loved one on the base.

Vintage Lavender Paperweight Held Over Packaging BoxSame Vintage Lavender paperweight held over box, this time with the base showing. On the base is a note saying 'psst... i like your butt'
Buy a similar vintage paperweight here.


Rainbow Makers

Looking for a little something to remind your Valentine of your affections daily? How about a stained glass and crystal Rainbow Maker? These darlings will send rainbows around your loved one's room whenever the sun comes out, reminding them how much you care (aww)

Pink sparkly rainbow maker - crystal suncatcher with square stained glass panel, hanging from a window suction hook against a wet, grey, rainy landscapePink Crystal Rainbow maker beside label saying 'Sending you rainbows to brighten up your day'

Get the pink rainbow maker by clicking here.


Punny Earrings

Want to show off your sharp wit and amazing sense of humour with this year's Valentine? I've got just the thing! Why not get a pair of my sterling silver and lampwork glass earrings and add a hilarious pun to show you care- here's some stunning suggestions to get you started:

I'm Quackers About You

I'm Quackers About You - Label with yellow duck earrings in jewellery box

Yellow Duck Earrings Available Here

You're Piggin' Gorgeous

You're Piggin Gorgeous - Red glass pig earrings with a funny gift label

Red Piggy Earrings Available Here

You're Simply Purrfect

You're Simply Purrrfect - Black Cat Glass Earrings in jewellery box with punny gift label

Black Cat Earrings Available Here

To my Clawsome Valentine

 To My Clawsome Valentine - Glass Crab Earrings with a pun gift label

Orange Glass Crab Earrings Available Here


Birthstone Angel

Finally, you really can't go wrong with a Birthstone Angel, showing your loved one that not only do you care about them right now, but also that you won't forget their birthday when that comes around, either. (WARNING: Will backfire if you get them the wrong month's angel, double check before ordering!)

Happy Valentines Day to my July Angel - Red Stained Glass Angel for july with handwritten gift label

Buy a July Birthstone Angel Here


Which is your favourite suggestion? Have you bought your loved one a special gift for Valentines this year?

Have a wonderful Valentines weekend folks x

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