set of three glass elephants, one of each colour- green, blue, clear
set of three elephants- mixed colours- back view
Blue Elephant Vintage Decor
Set of three deep blue blown glass elephants
clear retro glass elephant ornament
set of three clear vintage glass elephants
deep green vintage glass elephant ornament
set of three blown glass elephants in lush green
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Vintage Glass Elephant Paperweight Set - Blue, Green, Clear

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Trumpets Ahoy!

These cute vintage elephant ornaments were handcrafted sometime in the 1960's by skilled glass craftspeople.

- A choice of deep blue, clear or lush green colours.

- Each elephant is approx 12cm tall and 6cm wide

- Each elephant varies slightly due to the handmade nature of the item

You can also choose to order a set of 3 elephants if you just can't pick a colour, or perhaps just want to create your own herd!

I'm always on the look out for beautiful and unusual vintage glass pieces for your shopping pleasure, so why not have a nosy at the 'Vintage Glass Finds' section of the shop to see more animals, paperweights and other curiosities from the wonderful world of glass?

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